Tri-Town EMS Board of Directors

The Tri-Town EMS Board of Directors serves as the governing body of the Tri-Town Ambulance Service. The Service was created in June of 2012 and began operation in January of 2013. Prior to that date the Tri-Town Ambulance Service was a non-profit entity that once provided ambulance service to the Towns of Allenstown, Hooksett and Pembroke. The Town of Hooksett now provides ambulance through its fire department.

The Towns of Allenstown and Pembroke entered into an inter-municipal agreement to create a public entity to provide ambulance service for both communities. The Board Directors is the governing body for the Service in accordance with this agreement. The ambulance is housed at the Pembroke Safety Center. The Service is staffed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The cost of the Service is partially subsidized by funding provided from each town on a percentage basis in accordance with the provisions of the agreement. The Service also bills patients through a third party billing firm making up the remainder of the revenues that pay for the cost of operations.

The Board Directors is composed of 7 members. The membership consists of the Town Administrators of both towns, the Fire Chiefs of both towns, a citizen representative from each town and one employee elected by the employees of the Service. Membership on the committee is by appointment from the respective Boards of Selectmen. The terms of appointment are for one year. 

The Board of Directors generally meets once per month and more frequently as needed. The Board of Directors recommends a budget for the Service to each town. The approval for the budget is then vetted through the budgetary process of each town with final approval subject to the voters at the respective town meetings.


Christopher Gamache

Assistant Director:

Stephanie Locke

The present membership of the board is:
  • David Jodoin, Town Administrator (Pembroke)
  • Derik Goodine, Town Administrator (Allenstown)
  • Harold Paulsen, Fire Chief (Pembroke)
  • Paul St. Germain, Fire Chief (Allenstown)
  • Robert Bourque, Citizen Representative (Pembroke)
  • Michael O'Meara, Citizen Representative (Allenstown)
  • William Amos, Service Representative (Tri-Town EMS)

Board Members

Name Title
David Jodoin Town Administrator, Pembroke
Derik Goodine Town Administrator, Allenstown
Michael O'Meara Director and Board Chair