A Sign for Blueberry Express Park

It's a Park, Not the Town Hall Lawn

Dateline: Oct. 22, 2021

Blueberry Express Park sign
Photos courtesy of Derik Goodine

Selectman Sandy McKenney has occasionally brought to the Select Board's attention that, years ago, the Board had given the Town Hall front lawn the official name of Blueberry Express Park. In light of that, the EDC had been looking for a volunteer to craft a sign. Without a sign, people were still calling it the Town Hall Lawn or the Town Hall Green.

Recently, Debbie Temple called Derik Goodine, Town Administrator, asking about possible projects for a Boy Scout. Ms. Temple said her grandson, Ashton Temple, age 17, needed a project so that he could achieve his Citizenship Merit Badge from Boy Scout Troop 270. Derik mentioned the need for the sign and reached out to Armand Verville of the Historical Society. Armand then reached out to them, after which they decided to do the project.

Ashton worked with Armand on the sign. Armand prepared the sign board by carving the lettering and helped Ashton complete most of the other tasks which included sanding and painting the sign, installing the posts, and mounting the sign board.

After completing the project, Ashton and Armand were invited to the Oct. 18 Select Board meeting where they were applauded by the Selectmen for their efforts and given framed Certificates of Appreciation by Selectman Scott McDonald.

Ashton Temple receives certificate

Armand Verville receives certificate

What You Can Do

Enjoy Blueberry Express Park. Have a picnic, play ball, play frisbee, sit on a bench and enjoy some reading, or just relax for a bit and enjoy the surroundings.