"Five Bugles"

Fire Chiefs of Allenstown
Chief's Cluster

Throughout its history, the Allenstown Fire Department has been led by some of our areas most respected individuals. From 1900 to present, the position of Fire Chief has always come with great responsibility. Their dedication to serving the community has never wavered over the years. Time and time again, the department has proven its continued value and worth in the Allenstown community. None of this would have been possible without the guidance and leadership of our Fire Chiefs.

Chief Fireward/Fire WardenDates
Fred E. Cleveland1900
Thomas Welch1902-1903
Joseph Gauthier1905
James E. Welch1906
William A. Drought1910-1911 & 1926-1930
Felix J. Connor1908
Edward Hamel1918 & 1931-1932
John J. Connor1920-1921
Fire ChiefDates
Joseph Laliberte1933
Esdras Lavallee1934-1941
Aime Neveu1941-1943
Henry Lavoie1940-1960
Amedee Courtemanche1961-1965
Robert Chevrette1965-1969
Leandre "Lippy" Desrochers1969-1977
Roger Letendre1978-1987
Donald "Pel" Peloquin1987-1994
Richard Martel1994
Richard Verville1994-2000
Albert Dionne2000-2002
Everett "Chappy" Chaput, III2003-2009
Daniel Hart2009-2010
Robert Martin2011-2013
Dana Pendergast2013-2017
Shawn Murray2017-2018
Paul St. Germain2018-current


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