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Honor a Local Veteran with a Hometown Hero Banner

Dateline: Aug. 26, 2022

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Captain George GordonConcord for Hometown Heroes Banners LLC is a patriotic, not-for-profit, New Hampshire organization that offers a way for families and friends to pay tribute to and honor their loved ones who have served in our nation's military. Working in collaboration with the Allenstown Economic Development Committee, the organization honors local veterans with distinctive pole banners that they install on utility poles in local communities.

For example, the banner to the right, installed in October 2021, honors Captain George Gordon, the oldest Allenstown veteran we know of, who fought and died in the Civil War.

A Pledge to Banner Sponsors

The organization takes pride in the photographic quality of the banners, and does its absolute best to restore your veteran's photo to the best quality possible. They pledge to do their best to give you a product that you will be proud to share with your community.

Banner Details

The banners are digitally printed on 8 ft. x 2 ft vinyl fabric using UV stable inks, then folded and double stitched into a double-sided 4 ft. x 2 ft. finished size with fabric loops stitched at top and bottom for hanging on special pole brackets.

The banner can also contain images of Meritorious Awards, like the Purple Heart or Bronze Star, that were bestowed upon the service member. Gold Star pins can be included if the ultimate sacrifice was made for a grateful nation.


As for eligibility, the honored veteran must have served in the United States Armed Forces, may be a living or deceased resident of the town, or a relative or friend of a resident of the town. This will allow for the broadest number of local veterans to be honored.

Fee for Sponsors

The fee for sponsoring a banner is $200.00 for a single veteran, which includes its design and manufacture, plus a three-year warranty against failure or damage, and three years of Spring installation, Fall de-installation, cleaning, and winter storage. For a fee of $275.00, you can sponsor a banner for two veterans, one on each side of the banner.

Display Details

After the EDC receives permission from the local electric utility to use its poles, the banners are installed on or before Memorial Day and remain on display until after Veteran's Day, a span of a little more than six months. Winter weather is not really suitable for the banners so they are stored until the following Spring.

Banners have been installed along School St. This is an appropriate choice since this is the main entrance into the center of town and leads past the Town Hall, ARD Middle School, St. John's Church, and the Fire Station. Once School St. is completed, we plan to expand to Main St. It is hoped that these become Allenstown's Avenues of Hometown Heroes.

What You Can Do

Contact the EDC to inform them of your interest in the program. The EDC collects the initial information about your veteran and then notifies the vendor of your interest. The vendor then contacts you and works with you until the banner is done.
EDC e-mail

You can download the following documents to get started.

We will help you get in touch with the Hometown Heroes organization, and be your liaison to make sure you are satisfied with the finished banner and that its installation is done in a timely manner.

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by Michael Frascinella