116 Acres on Deerfield Road Preserved

Phil Trowbridge and Laura Bonk generously donated a huge conservation easement

Dateline: May 12, 2023

Phil Trowbridge and Laura Bonk

Back in February, Allenstown residents Phil Trowbridge and Laura Bonk decided it was time to do something significant with the parcels of land that they had bought back in 1997. That "something" was not another development of pricey homes on pizza slices of land but the granting of a conservation easement.

This is a big story for Allenstown and it got barely much media coverage. Many people in town admit that they were unaware that two of their fellow residents had made such a significant contribution to the preservation and conservation of this large tract of forested watershed land.

The Bonk-Trowbridge family will retain ownership and manage the land for conservation, while the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests will provide the oversight. And it will continue to provide a habitat for black bears, deer, moose, bobcats, foxes, and other wildlife.

As shown on the map, the easement consists of several parcels on the north side of Deerfield Road east of Hillside Drive and west of Podunk Road. The parcels stretch northward across Little Bear Brook and beyond the power line right of way for a distance of about one mile from Deerfield Road.

map of land

What You Can Do

To see the land easement at a glance, go to the town tax map.

 ► Allenstown Tax Map

The next time you see Phil or Laura, give them a big "God bless you" or "Thank you for your generosity." A hug or a heartfelt handshake might also be worthwhile.

If you would like to enjoy a pleasant hike through their woods, there is an old carriage road that starts on Chestnut Drive between #47 and #51. The road passes an old cemetery and then intersects the abandoned Philbrook Road where you should be able to spot an old cellar hole. Continuing down to the right you eventually cross a stone bridge over Little Bear Brook, pass under the power lines, and end at Wing Road.

[This story was originally published on allenstown-alt.org]