Solid Waste


To help stop the spread of the COVID19 Virus and protect the workers and users of the facility from each other, the following temporary measures are being put into place at the Allenstown Transfer Station at the Highway Garage Facility on Granite Street until further notice.

*Transfer Station Attendants will only be monitoring the activities at the facility, and they have been instructed not to help with the unloading of any vehicles until the virus emergency is lifted by the State, so if you have a big or heavy load that you wish to deliver to the facility, you must bring your own help to unload it and deposit the materials/items into the appropriate bins and dumpsters!*

*Please deliver your materials, and promptly leave the facility.  This is being asked in order to allow orderly flow through the facility and also to encourage the "Social Separation" guidelines laid out by the State and the CDC during the Virus Emergency.* 

* The Freebie area of the facility is closed during the emergency until further notice.  This is being done to encourage "Social Separation" also, and eliminate unnecessary traffic flow during the Virus Emergency.*


It is Time to Re-Educate Ourselves on Recycling!  What is Curbside Recyclable is different from what is Transfer Station Recyclable!

Curbside Recycling

What can I and can't I recycle?

Just because something has a recycling symbol on it, does not mean it is allowed in the Recycling Bin at your Curbside!

We are getting trash in the Recycling Bins, so much trash or other materials that 50% of our Recycling isn't recycling at all!  We are also getting other materials that maybe can go to a different recycling facility, but not in the curbside bin!

Besides the blatant trash in the recycling bins; there are other materials going into the bins that shouldn't be.  These include plastic toys, and metal pans, plastic fans, plastic utinsels, kcups, plastic shopping bags, cell phones, and batteries.  These are just a few of the things that can't and shouldn't be put into your recycling bins!

Re-Education Time!!!  If we don't get rid of contamination in our recycling we risk paying to get rid of our recyclable materials which will mean higher taxes.  You also risk us suspending your curbside trash and recycling privaledges which will mean bringing your trash to the transfer station yourself.  Furthermore; as a community, if we don't get this under control soon, we may have to look at other ways to control expenses and encourage recycling better such as a pay as you throw system, or even elimination of curbside trash and recycling all together and going to a transfer station only system where you will need to bring your trash and recycling to the facility yourself, or even worse transfer station with pay as you throw.  Let's avoid going down that road, and just RECYCLE BETTER!

Please watch a video by clicking here to learn how to Recycle Better!  What not to recyle starts at the 1:41 mark, but watch the whole thing for a bigger picture of why recycling contamination is a problem. 

Also click here to read more about how to Recycle Better!

What can I and can't I recycle?