Voluntary Lot Merger Process


Merging two or more lots does not require a public hearing and will be governed by state law RSA 674:39-a. All that is required is that the applicant complete a Voluntary Lot Merger form . From there the planning board chair will sign it and return it to the applicant for filing at the Merrimack County Registry of Deeds. 


1)  Complete the Voluntary Lot Merger form by providing the following information:

                a) Name of property/record owner(s)

                b) Mailing address

                c) Map#, Lot#, Street address, Deed Book, Reference Page-Existing parcels are to be

                   consolidated & merge into a single parcel

                d) Need Legal Counsel Signature

                e) Need Owner(s) signature(s)

NOTE:  Incomplete applications will not be processed but returned to applicant.

2) Application form, once completed, is to be returned to Town Hall, along with a check to the Merrimack County Registry of Deeds for recording fees and postage, in the appropriate dollar amount. 

3) The application will be reviewed by Planning Board at the next meeting.    

          a) Reviewed and approved by Planning Board, signed by Planning Board Chairperson. 

          b) Once approved, the Board Chairperson will forward document to the Allenstown Assessor.

          c) The Town Assessor will review and if all requirements are met, approve and sign application.

4) Assessing Office will forwarded original approved lot merger document to the Merrimack County Registry of Deeds for recording along with property owner’s check for recording fees and postage.

5) Once the recorded document is returned to the Assessing Office, a recorded copy will be mailed to the Owner(s) and one copy to be placed in the Planning Board records. Original will remain with             Assessing Office files.