Dividing Land


Subdivision applications are the mechanism by which the Planning Board approves divisions of land within the Town of Allenstown and this process is controlled by the Subdivision Regulations . A subdivision application is used to process anything from the revision of a lot line between two or more existing parcels of land up to a major subdivision with roads and many proposed lots. Following the approval of a Subdivision Plan, it is recorded, along with the associated deeds, at the Merrimack County Registry of Deeds. All subdivision plans need to be prepared by a licensed land surveyor. Subdivisions will require a public hearing as described above. Application materials needed include:


Subdivision Application Form 

Completed Subdivision Application Checklist 

Conditional Use Permit Application, if applicable (see Other Planning Board Activities below)

Appropriate Fees 

Signed Fee Acknowledgement Form 

W-9 for escrow account 

Plans and any supporting documents (studies, pictures, etc.)