Car Registration Announcement and Town Clerk/Tax Collector Office Closed Due to Staff Turnover and New Staff Transition *Updated 022723*

Car Registrations for Allenstown Residents Starting February 7, 2024

Wednesdays only 8AM-630PM at Hooksett Town Hall

Car Registrations for Allenstown Residents in Hooksett

Wednesdays only: 8:00AM-630PM

Hooksett Town Hall, 35 Main St,  Hooksett New Hampshire

Wednesdays Only.  You will be turned away on any other day!


Valid up to and including March 27, 2024.

Please be friendly, courteous, and polite as they are helping us out.

There is currently no trained Town Clerk/Tax Collector Staff at Town Hall because they all resigned.  There is a Town Clerk in training.  Her name is Jackie Tate, and she is doing a great job!

We are hopeful that the Town Hall in Allenstown can resume some Clerk's Office hours in a few weeks, once training is completed.  Full Training is going to take months to complete however.

Property Taxes can be paid online or put in the drop box outside of Town Hall or mailed to Tax Collector 16 School Street, Allenstown, NH 03275.

You can check you tax balances at anytime at NHTAXKIOSK.COM, and this is where they can also be paid online.

You can call and leave a message for the Town Clerk/Tax Collector at 603-485-4276 X116,.  Please be precise in what you are inquiring about, and she or someone else will get back to you with an answer to your question.


Town Clerk/Tax Collector Office Closed Due to Staff Turnover and New Staff Transition

New Town Clerk /Tax Collector Jackie  Tate is currently training in a neighboring town and making great progress on getting the Town Clerk/Tax Collector office in Allenstown back open.

As noted above, the only day to do car registrations is Wednesdays in Hooksett as the new Town Clerk/Tax Collector gets trained. 

New Town Clerk/Tax Collectors personnel just started February 12, 2024, and they need training in all their duties before the Office can open to do live transactions. She has been busy getting training utilizing manuals and online, and now is shadowing in another town in order to learn the collection software and DMV registrations.  She still needs to do DMV training which is not open for another month, but we are hopeful that we will be able to open for some Re-Registrations in the next couple weeks.

Even when the office reopens, services will be limited while the new Town Clerk/Tax Collectors Office Staff trains!  

Derik Goodine

Town Administrator