Sewer Department

The Sewer Department's New Stainless Steel Septage can purchased 2016.

The Sewer Department's New Stainless Steel septage can.


This new designed stainless steel septage can has been in operation since early 2016. The Allenstown Wastewater Facility takes in a large volume of the State's septage. This design is unique to the industry and gives us an advantage over other septage receiving stations. This facility can have four (4) septage hauling trucks offload their product at the same time! 'Cmon by and schedule a tour, we promise an eye opening experience....


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Jeffrey Backman Superintendent (603) 485-5600 ext. 310
Roxanna Chomas Assistant Superintendent (603) 485-5600 ext. 311
Richard Slager Operations Foreman (603) 485-5600 ext. 312
Tucker Dingman Maintenance Manager (603) 485-5600 ext. 313
Jacqueline Wallace Office Assistant (603) 485-5600 ext. 317

Sewer Commission

Name Title
Carl Caporale Commissioner