Box Alarm Locations

When the HORN blows, where are the firemen going?

The Fire Department operates a municipal "Gamewell" fire alarm system. The system is monitored at the fire station and transmitted directly to Concord Fire Alarm. The station air horn also blows the number of the location.

A Fire Alarm Box is an outdoor device used for notifying a fire department of a fire. Early boxes used the telegraph system and were the main method of calling the fire department to a neighborhood in the days before people had telephones. When the box is triggered, a spring-loaded wheel spins and taps out a signal onto the fire alarm telegraph wire, indicating the box number. The receiver at a fire station then can match the number to the neighborhood. Unmanned or volunteer departments would instead have a Diaphone horn that sounded the box number. The boxes are a form of street furniture that are still in service in many cities and towns.


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