Property Taxes

  Current 2021 tax rate: $31.50 per $1,000 of property valuation (2022 tax rate will be issued in Fall of 2022)    

             Property tax bills are issued twice a year in Allenstown, usually due on July 1st and December 1st of each year. However, the actual tax year runs from April 1st through March 31st of each year. The July 1st first-issue, half-year bill, represents the period of April 1st through Sept 30th. The December 1st second-issue, half-year bill, represents the period of October 1st through March 31st. NH Department of Revenue Administration sets our actual tax rate for the year every Fall, usually in the months of October or November. Hence, your  July 1st bill, is only an estimate of the first half of the total taxes that may be assessed for the year. This estimate is based solely off your actual property tax bill from the previous year. Once we have the actual tax rate from DRA in the fall, you are sent your final December 1st tax bill for the true property tax liability assessed for the year, minus your estimated tax bill amount that was issued in July. 

Tax Payment Portal

For detailed information on how your tax bill is created, read Understanding the Calculation of Your Total Tax Bill .

      *Property tax assessments, credits, exemptions, abatements, tax appeals, current use, timber and excavation tax assessments are handled by the Assessing Department.