New Boat Ramp Built by YOUR Allenstown Highway Department

Come to check out the new boat ramp at the end of Ferry Street!  Your Road Agent Ron Pelissier and his talented crew led by Marc Boisvert have constructed a new boat ramp to improve the access to the Merrimack River.  Over the last 10 years, we have applied for but not been successful in obtaining grants to construct a new boat ramp and parking area, so Ron and his team took it into their own hands and made the improvements to make it more usable and safer for the people of Allenstown.  

Keep in mind that the area is a carry in and carry out area right now and is under video surveillance.  In the past, we have had reports of illegal dumping and lots of litter.  If we all do our part, the boat ramp area will be a safe and enjoyable space for everyone.