2018 Elected Offices

The Town of Allenstown hereby gives notice of the time limit of Declaration of Candidacy for the 2018 Election of Town Officers. The filing period begins Wednesday Jan 24th 2018 and ends Friday Feb 2nd 2018.

Positions to be filled at the March 13th 2018 Annual Town Meeting are:


Town Treasurer                             1 for 1 year

Selectman                                     1 for 3 years

Sewer Commissioner                    1 for 3 years

Trustee of Trust funds                   1 for 3 years

Trustee of Cemeteries                  1 for 3 years

Budget Committee                        4 for 3 years

Library Trustee                             1 for 3 years

Supervisor of the Checklist          1 for 6 years

Moderator                                    1 for 2 years


Written Declarations of Candidacy must be filed with the Allenstown Town Clerk prior to 5 P.M. on Friday Feb 2nd, 2018 in order for your name to appear on the official ballot. Forms can be obtained by contacting Kathleen Pelissier, Allenstown Town and School Clerk, at the Allenstown Town Offices.


16 School St.

485-4276 ext.116