3A. Slideshow of Conversion of China Mill

25 Canal St.

Construction Progress on The Lofts at 25 Canal

Dateline: Nov. 25, 2021

The China Mill, built in 1868, used water power from the Suncook River to run a turbine that produced electricity for its textile machinery. During its hey day in the late 1800s, it was producing 330,000 yards of cloth per week.

After years of underutilization, it was purchased by Brady Sullivan Properties, and their plans to convert the mill to 150 apartments were approved by the Planning Board last Fall.

This Fall, the conversion and renovation process was well underway. The following slideshow consists of photos taken several weeks ago.

slideshow icon  China Mill Slideshow, Nov. 1, 2021

Note the classic but new double-hung, double-pane windows that have been installed on the south side of the mill. More have been placed on the north side. It was said that it took two workers to install each one. A congenial worker was assigned by the Senior Project Manager to give this reporter a guided tour and permission to take photos was also given.

Interior photos show the steel studs being used for framing. On every floor but the lowest one, the apartments and other rooms were already framed out and drywall was being delivered for installation. On the top floor, several apartments were getting an electric fireplace unit, gas and wood having been ruled out. The entire mill was to be electric powered and the nearby substation would need to be upgraded to provide sufficient power.

Other photos show that a brand new roof had already been installed. Workers were in the process of installing ductwork for the several air conditioning units to be installed.

A cathedral style window graced the landing at each level of the refurbished spiral stairways. Imagine the textile workers walking up and down those stairs every day. Elevators were planned for each end of the building for ease of access by residents and maintenance personnel.

What You Can Do
Take a ride down Canal St. occasionally and check out the progress on the mill conversion.