2020 Halloween Lighting Contest

Contest Results

At the October 30th Awards Ceremony held in front of Town Hall, EDC members announced the folowing winners. The prizes included a fine trophy topped by a witch on a broomstick and gift certificates to local businesses.

Third Place - Richard and Catherine Ciampa, 13 Pine Acres Rd.

Second Place - Russ and Jackie Langille, 39 River Rd.

First Place - Jeff and Sophie Brockstedt, 6 Sullivan Drive

Every winner received a round of cheers and applause and there were smiles aplenty.

In addition, the Manchester Union Leader ran a story about the contest in their NH Weekend section on October 29th. How's that for free publicity?

==>  Union Leader article

The Allenstown Economic Development Committee (EDC) is sponsoring a Townwide Halloween Lighting Contest this season. We know there are many people who love to decorate their homes in the Fall, so we decided to turn it into a special townwide event as part of our Community Initiatives.

Winners will be announced and prizes awarded at the Awards Ceremony at Blueberry Express Park (Town Hall lawn) on Friday, October 30th at 5:00 p.m. Awards for the Best Halloween Decorations include 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies and gift certificates to local businesses.

Write a Spooky Story

The EDC also would like to challenge school students to write a short spooky story and read it at the awards ceremony. That will make the event especially memorable. Contact the EDC if you would like to do that.

What You Need to Do

From now until Oct. 11, residents can register by sending e-mail to the EDC. At the bottom of this page will be a list of all registered homes.

Between October 11th and October 29th, residents can drive around town, pick their favorite decorations, and mail a vote to the EDC.

Wait until October 11th to vote because we will keep adding addresses until then.

The Halloween Lighting Awards Ceremony takes place on the Town Hall lawn on Friday, October 30th at 5:00 p.m. Come and celebrate!


10/1     Kevin and Melanie Ouellette     17 Letendre Ave

10/2     Jeff & Sophie Brockstedt           6 Sullivan Drive

10/3     Gary Laflamme                         35B River Rd.

10-4     Russ & Jackie Langille              39 River Rd.

10-5      Ron, Steph, Lauren Ferland      5 Summers Ave.

10-5      Cheryl Forsberg-Hill                  3 Bailey Ave.

10-6      Richard Poulin Sr                      37 Main St.

10-8      Richard & Catherine Ciampa    13 Pine Acres Road

10-10    Keith Klawes                             6 Kenwood Drive

10-10    Nicholas & Kira Zuaro               66 Turnpike St.

10-10    Lorry Anderson                         64 Main St.

10-11    Jeanne and Bob Hills               4 Whitten Street

10-15    Veronica Spofford                    42 Main St.

10-15    Melissa Washer                       12 Reynolds Ave.