Dog Registration

Dog Registration Due April 30th
Before a license is issued, the owner or keeper shall furnish a current rabies certificate. Please submit payment by mail or in person, with rabies information to the Allenstown Town Clerk.

Licensing Fees

  •  Non-spayed or Non-neutered: $10.00
  •  Spayed or Neutered: $7.50
  •  Dogs Under 4 Months Old: $7.50
  •  5 or More Dogs Same Owner: $21.00
  •  First Dog for Owners (65+): $3.00

Other Fees

  • Late Fees: $1.00 per dog added in accordance with RSA 466:7 after May 31st
  • Fines: $25.00 per dog civil forfeiture issues after May 31st; RSA 466:13

If you are no longer required to license a dog with the Town, please give us a call or click here to send an email with owner's information, dog's name and breed.

Click here to license your dog online.