Sewer Commission

Allenstown Wastewater Facility Aerial View C'mon down for a guided tour!

The Allenstown Wastewater Treatment Facility. An aerial view! C'mon down for a guided tour! 

Welcome to the website for the Allenstown Sewer Commission.  The Commission oversees the Allenstown public sewer system and wastewater treatment facility.  The current sewer rate is $7.57/1000 gallons.
Carl M. Caporale 
Chad Pelissier

The daily operations are administered by Jeffrey Backman Superintendent and Roxanna Chomas Assistant Superintendent.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Jeffrey Backman (603) 485-5600 ext. 310
Roxanna Chomas (603) 485-5600 ext. 311
Richard Slager (603) 485-5600 ext. 312
Tucker Dingman (603) 485-5600 ext. 313
Jacqueline Wallace (603) 485-5600 ext. 317

Board Members

Name Title
Carl Caporale Commissioner
Chad Pelissier Commissioner
Jeff McNamara Commissioner