Sewer Commission

Commissioner Anderson and Assisitant Superintendent Chomas.

 Commissioner Larry Anderson and Assistant Superintendent Roxanna Chomas.


Welcome to the website for the Allenstown Sewer Commission.  The Commission oversees the Allenstown public sewer system and wastewater treatment facility.  The current sewer rate is $7.57/1000 gallons.
Carl M. Caporale (Term 2013 to 2016)
Chad Pelissier (Term 2017 to 2020)
Lawrence J. Anderson (Term 2015 to 2018).

The daily operations are administered by Jeffrey Backman Superintendent and Roxanna Chomas Assistant Superintendent.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Jeffrey Backman (603) 485-5600 ext. 310
Roxanna Chomas (603) 485-5600 ext. 311
Richard Slager (603) 485-5600 ext. 312
Tucker Dingman (603) 485-5600 ext. 313
Jacqueline Wallace (603) 485-5600 ext. 317

Board Members

Name Title
Jeffrey McNamara Commissioner
Vacant Vacant Commissioner
Carl Caporale Commissioner